Northern lights over Nördlingen

14. May 2024 | Blog

n the night from May 10 to 11, 2024, the AllSky camera of the RiesCraterMuseum was able to capture northern lights over the sky of Nördlingen for several hours. An animation can be seen here. The unusual visibility of an aurora borealis for this latitude is due to the strongest geomagnetic storm in 11 years, […]

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Rieser Kulturtage: Lecture on May 9 at the RiesCraterMuseum on the topic “What is life?”

2. May 2024 | Blog | Visitor information

What is the difference between a living being and a stone? What are the connections between the two? And what do greenhouse gases have to do with it? In the lecture “What is life and how did it come about? Stony paths to an answer“, which will take place as part of the Rieser Kulturtage […]

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Ceremony at the RiesKraterMuseum for “Suevite – Rock of the Year”

30. April 2024 | Blog

On April 26, 2024, the RiesCraterMuseum was the venue for the ceremony to name the suevite “Rock of the Year 2024”. The ceremony was opened by Andreas Günther-Plönes, Managing Director of the Professional Association of German Geoscientists (BDG) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Joris Peters, Director General of the Bavarian State Natural Science Collections (SNSB). The […]

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New exhibit: Drill core from the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary

15. March 2024 | Blog

The RiesKraterMuseum has received a valuable new exhibit: A drill core from Bavaria that contains exactly those geological layers of sediment that were formed around the time of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago. The special thing about the drill core from the Latten Mountains (south of Bad Reichenhall): At […]

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Opening of the Exhibition “Micrometeorites”

13. December 2023 | Blog

Since December 8, the new special exhibition “Micrometeorites: Dust from outer space – everywhere!” has been on display at the RiesKraterMuseum. The exhibition was opened the evening before with over eighty guests. The special exhibition was developed by the RiesKraterMuseum. The starting point for the planning were fascinating microphotographs by Jan Braly Kihle, chief geologist […]

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Special exhibition “Micrometeorites” from Friday 8th December 2023

1. December 2023 | Blog | Temporaray exhibition

From Friday, December 8, the new special exhibition “Micrometeorites: Dust from outer space – everywhere!” can be seen.

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Astronaut trainig program 2023 “PANGAEA”

22. September 2023 | Blog
From 09/17 to 09/21 2023, the RiesKraterMueum/ ZERIN was once again one of the three training locations as part of the "PANGAEA" astronaut training program of the European Space Agency ESA.
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Fireball over Bavaria

27. June 2023 | Blog

The cameras on the roof of the RiesCraterMuseum recorded the bolide that could be seen over Bavaria and the Czech Republic yesterday evening, June 26th 2023. At 10.45 pm, a brief, extremely bright flash of light was recorded on the black and white camera. The light trail is clearly visible in the still images of […]

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Opening of the Molassic Park exhibition

21. December 2022 | Blog
The new special exhibition "Molassic Park" has been on display at the museum since December 16. The exhibition was opened the evening before with over a hundred guests.
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Online lecture on micrometeorites

12. May 2021 | Blog

In just under an hour and a half, Jon Larsen explains how he finally found his first micrometeorite in 2015 after years of unsuccessful searching.

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