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Current: “Mikrometeorites: Dust from outer space – everywhere!”

Between December 8, 2023 and November 3, 2024, the new special exhibition “Micrometeorites: Dust from outer space – everywhere!”, created by the Ries Crater Museum, can be seen.

Micrometeorites are cosmic dust particles that hit the earth every day, mostly unnoticed by us. They can provide information about the solar system that larger meteorites do not possess. When they enter the atmosphere, the tiny rock particles are heated up and cool down again. This creates fascinating sculptures of crystals and glass.

With an average size of 100 – 400 µm, cosmic dust particles are barely visible to the naked eye and are therefore very difficult to find. For a long time, it was considered impossible to detect such particles from space in populated areas among all the earthly dust and industrial pollution. Two researchers from Norway, Jon Larsen and Jan Braly Kihle, have succeeded for the first time in finding micrometeorites on house roofs and in gutters and have developed a special photographic technique to make the fascinating little spheres visible to the naked eye.

The special exhibition focuses on large-format photographs that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the strange, bizarre and extremely aesthetic world of these extraterrestrial particles.

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